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HuiZhou BoYu Technology Co., Limited established in 2009, since we built, we focus on aluminum based CCL, copper based CCL etc special metal core based CCL, and we are a concentration research, manufacturer, sales manufacturer. After all ours members 10 years hard work, BoYu has became a chines high tech company. And we have got several special raw board patents.  we now have ISO 9001, SGS, ROHS, UL etc certificate, to settle for all customers different demand all over the world. Ours operation idea is use most advanced technical, develop the most professional staff, providing the most advanced products. We hope through up ours constant development and work, we can give the best metal core based CCL to the electronic industry area.



 Contact: Ketty : +86 135 3633 9858,+86 752 6811 106 


Contact address: 2Min-Fu R.D, HuiAo Street, South of Huizhou High-tech Industrial Zone, Huizhou city, Guangdong Province,China.

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